Thrive at 5

Over the last two years, LCVS has been co-ordinating and delivering Thrive at 5, a fantastic programme aimed at making a real difference to child literacy in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the city. Thrive at 5 has been a true success story, one where LCVS has been able to bring together a range of partners to collectively work together for positive impact.

We are extremely grateful to all of the people who have supported the programme – donating books, giving their time or giving money.

Thrive at 5 has made a difference to lots of families lives during the programme, and we have now issued a report to demonstrate both its reach and impact on individual families.

That Liverpool has now vowed to become ‘A City of Readers’ is a fantastic legacy for Thrive at 5, ensuring that this important work continues and that, over the next ten years, the city can demonstrate a sustained improvement in child literacy. Led by The Reader Organisation the ‘City of Readers’ will link with the 800 children who have been part of our Thrive at 5 programme.

Take a look at our impact report in the downloads section of this page that shows how the project has helped children and families across the city.