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Helping donors achieve their charitable objectives

For over 100 years, LCVS has brought people, organisations and resources together to address the huge need, poverty and inequality that still exist in Liverpool.

We know that issues can’t be solved with quick fixes so our Community Impact Programmes build strong communities by addressing the underlying causes of these issues.

As well as supporting communities through our Community Impact Programmes we also offer services to individuals, businesses and foundation trustees to help them achieve their charitable objectives. We can help you effectively plan your giving.

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Our Community Impact Programmes:

Community Impact Fund

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Everyday Changes Fund

Sometimes the smallest change can have the biggest impact in someone’s life.…

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First Day

Much is being done to prepare young people with the skills for…

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Positive About Play

We can all remember a time as a child when we learnt…

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United Way Reading Oasis

The importance of good literacy cannot be underestimated. People with good literacy…

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