Liverpool – City of Sanctuary

Contrary to popular myths, life is often desperately hard for asylum seekers and refugees.

The Liverpool City of Sanctuary movement, started in 2012, seeks to unite those already working to support asylum seekers and refugees, and provide a simple platform for others to do the same.

LCVS is encouraging all of our partners to pledge their support to the movement and get involved in any way that suits them. The movement, currently consisting of an informal group of civil organisations, can provide the ideas, contacts and help to turn support into practical action.

City of Sanctuary is a national network, a movement of local groups made up by businesses, community organisations and individuals, all with one thing in common: their belief that sanctuary seekers should be welcomed, and that their contribution to society should be celebrated.

The first step in your support for City of Sanctuary Liverpool is to pledge your support and send it to the City of Sanctuary group. Sign up online – it only takes a moment to let the world know that your organisation is proud to be part of Liverpool, a welcoming city.

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