Welfare and Wellbeing Organisations Network

LCVS facilitates the Welfare and Wellbeing Organisations Network (WWON) for voluntary sector organisations working in the field of health and social care.

Originally called Welfare Organisations Committee (WOC) and established in 1951, it has been an important network for health, wellbeing and welfare organisations operating in the city. The network now has over 150 members.

The overarching purpose of WWON is to provide an opportunity for these organisations to come together in order to:

  • Understand and influence policy decisions in relation to health, care, wellbeing and welfare at a national, sub-regional and local level
  • Share ideas and develop collaborative solutions
  • Provide a conduit for communication, information and representation with statutory sector partners engaged in the planning, development and delivery of service provision
  • Provide a coherent ‘voice’ for the wider voluntary sector, particularly in relation to emerging strategies and policy

If your organisation is interested in joining, or for more information, contact Paula Atherton at paula.atherton@lcvs.org.uk.

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