Homeless Link Liverpool Community of Practice

Event Date: 10 June 2021

Hosted by Homeless Link | Thursday 10 June 2021 | Online | 9.30am-12pm

Would you like to be part of a wider network of homelessness sector professionals from across the Liverpool City region?

This meeting we will build on our learning of stress management and share how we have implemented this in to our work lives.

We will also be discussing what it means to use a strength based practice approach within different contexts.

The events are facilitated with a solution focused practice style, so that problems are acknowledged but not dwelt on; instead, we look at building on existing resources and skills to work towards a shared, preferred future – as well as expanding knowledge where required.

There is no outside agenda for these groups – topics are identified and chosen for further discussion by the group attendees. There are too few opportunities for frontline workers to network, take a step back from the day to day rush, and support one another. Communities of Practice are a useful way of filling this gap while also supporting development of local service delivery.

Register via the Homeless Link website.

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