Independent Examination

Depending upon your legal structure and the size of your organisation, there may be a requirement for external scrutiny of your accounts.

In many cases this will take the form of an Independent Examination but, if you are a charity with income over £1 million a statutory audit will be required.

We carry out Independent Examinations for many organisations whether or not accounts have been prepared by themselves or by our own community accountancy team. For charities with income in excess of £500,000 the Independent Examination must be carried out by a suitably qualified accountant and many such organisations turn to LCVS for this reason.

The Independent Examination can be undertaken at the same time as preparing your accounts to provide an integrated and streamlined service.

Where an audit is required (for example due to the level of your income, your constitution or a funding agreement) we can still prepare your accounts for you and liaise with an external auditor on your behalf. This can prove to be a cost-effective solution.

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