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Volunteering is one of the things that keeps this city on the move. Liverpool has a long and proud history of voluntary action. Enfield’s ‘Essay towards the History of Liverpool’ (1773) talks about the variety of charitable institutions that existed to meet the needs of the City’s poor and most vulnerable citizens: “To give a particular account of the rise, progress and recent state of these charitable institutions is a debt due to the inhabitants of Liverpool, who have always distinguished themselves by their humanity and public spirit…”

This is as true today as it was then.

So we are pleased to report that the Mayoral Lead for the Voluntary & Community Sector, Cllr Irene Rainey, is championing volunteering as part of her role and at last week’s Council meeting she submitted a motion to that called on the Council to recognise the invaluable contribution made by the voluntary and community sector, and to take part in the United Nations International Volunteers Day on 5th December, to publicly thank the voluntary and community sector, share their values, promote their work and celebrate their efforts.

This chimes nicely with the launch of the LCVS Volunteer Hub. This is where organisations can get advice and support around all things ‘volunteering’ . So, if your organisation works with, or intends to work with, volunteers, get in touch to see how LCVS can help you recruit, retain and support your volunteers so that they get the best possible experience while they are with you. You can also find out about volunteering opportunities via our website and weekly Broadcast.

(By the way, thanks to Liverpool Chamber of Commerce for the quote!)

Colin Heaney, CEO

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