LCVS Chair Vacancy

‘Everyone’s very supportive. There’s a wide range of experience and I can guarantee that whoever comes in will never feel unsupported.’ Heather Akehurst, outgoing chair, LCVS

LCVS chair role

Overall purpose

In addition to the responsibilities outlined in the trustee role description the purpose of the chair role is to lead the board in governing LCVS in line with its mission and charitable objectives.

Main tasks

1. Relationship with board and chief executive

  • To ensure that the board regularly reviews its structure, role and relationship with staff, identifying skills gaps and implementing changes as necessary
  • To define and keep under review selection and performance criteria for board trustees
  • With the chief executive to ensure that trustees receive appropriate advice, information and training
  • In partnership with the chief executive to ensure that LCVS pursues its mission and that all activities are within the provisions of the governing document
  • With the chief executive to co-ordinate the activities of the board and staff in defining goals and evaluating performance
  • To relate concerns of the board to the chief executive
  • To be an ultimate recourse in the event of staff complaints
  • To lead the appointment of the chief executive, to ensure that they are suitably supported and to oversee his / her annual appraisal

2. Board meeting activities

  • With the chief executive, to plan agenda and timing of board meetings
  • To scrutinise board papers and lead discussions
  • To chair board meetings focusing on key issues and new initiatives
  • To co-ordinate decision making within the board and to ensure impartiality in reaching those decisions (including conducting votes in necessary and use a casting (second) vote if necessary)
  • In co-operation with the board and chief executive, to lead the development of strategy documents which embody LCVS’s objectives with targets over a 3-5 year timescale
  • To preside over the AGM and to ensure a proper representation of LCVS to its members
  • To monitor implementation of board decisions
  • Encourage participation in meetings
  • Be alert to any conflicts of interest
  • Keep the committee focused on the business and decisions to be made
  • Keep order at meetings and make sure they start and finish on time
  • Make sure dates are set for future meetings

3. Financial responsibilities

  • To ensure LCVS’s financial stability and viability
  • In co-operation with the treasurer, to ensure proper investment of the charity’s funds

4. Leadership and influencing

  • To represent the organisation at meetings and events
  • To act as spokesperson/ figurehead of the organization
  • To network with key stakeholders within the city and wider LCR to promote LCVS and its social impact
  • With the chief executive to promote LCVS and ensure it maintains its values and good name

The application process

Next step

Please download and read the following documents, which constitute the application pack:

Chair role description

About LCVS – application pack information

Application form

Equal opportunities monitoring form

Contact us with your questions

Our CEO, Clare White, and outgoing chair, Heather Akehurst, are both happy to make themselves available for an informal discussion with any prospective applicant.

If you would like to speak to Clare or Heather, or if you simply have questions you would like addressed before you apply, please email


To apply for the post of LCVS chair, please return your completed application form and equal opportunities monitoring form to by 26 April 2021.

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