Old Swan – Neighbourhood for Learning

LCVS is running a three-year pilot research programme in Old Swan in partnership with Collaborative Learning Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC).

CLARHC is a Public Health research approach designed to support resilience in neighbourhoods, promote health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities.

Residents recruited as CLAHRC champions will receive support, plus accredited training in research and engagement methods, helping them develop skills for employment.

This will see residents involved in a range of activities supporting the development and evaluation of interventions aimed at improving health and social care services and the economic, environmental and social conditions that affect people’s health.

Through the programme LCVS will support local people and encourage them to design, conduct and disseminate applied research, as well as helping to organise and run events to engage a larger number of residents.

This work with CLAHRC will inform wider research around public health and accelerate the translation of health research findings into actionable service improvements.

For more information, visit the CLAHRC website or contact Paula Atherton at paula.atherton@lcvs.org.uk.

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