100 Women’s Voice’s: Jennifer John Music and Blackburne House

100 Women’s Voice’ is a project led by Jennifer John in partnership with Blackburne House.

To mark 100 years since women won the right to vote we shall bring 100 women together from all different backgrounds for a spectacular community singing event.

There will be a series of workshops so that all the women who take part will feel well rehearsed, confident, empowered and ready for the final performance. We are asking your organisation along with many other women’s organisations, if any staff or service users, who identify as female would like to be involved.

Don’t worry if you have never sung before.  This is open to all women.  We wish to invite women of all abilities to get involved and celebrate the importance of their human rights and their right to vote.

If anyone wishes to be involved please ask them to email sing@jenniferjohn.co.uk with their full contact details and required information.

(Full name, telephone number, age/Dob, email, and postcode, where you heard about the post). Your personal details are confidential. We require your post code for our funders to evaluate which communities we are accessing).  All women must be 16+

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