Workplace Funds

If you fundraise with colleagues to support a range of local charities or if you want better plan your company’s charitable giving a workplace fund may be the best option for you.

By restricting the money you have allocated or fundraised for LCVS or other charities and keeping it separate from your business revenue you don’t have to donate it all before the end of the tax year. This may mean you can be more ambitious in the projects you support, such as our Commuity Impact Programmes (see menu on this page), as you can take longer than 12 months to fundraise or it could give you greater flexibility in the when and what you decide to support.

LCVS can support your workplace fund. We provide you with a Charity Account voucher book and regular statements so you can easily keep track of your account. We can claim Gift Aid on any eligible donations made by individuals and your staff can donate directly into the fund through Payroll Giving. If you wish, we can also help you identify suitable projects, programmes and organisations to support to ensure any giving is linked your company’s CSR objectives.

For more information and help on setting up a Workplace Fund, please use our enquiry form or contact our Donor Services team on 0151 227 5177 or email

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