Monitoring and Evaluation / Impact Measurement

Measuring the impact of your work is a hugely important aspect of running any community project.

By setting up and implementing effective monitoring and evaluation systems, your organisation will be in a much stronger position to:

  • Tell the public the positive changes you bring about
  • Attract new users and supporters
  • Feedback to funders and to meet funder targets
  • Share experience with partners
  • Learn where you can improve how you deliver your services
  • Attract future funding

However, you do not and should not have to collect information about every aspect of your activities. It is just as important that you plan your approach to impact measurement so that you collect the right information, in the most effective way.

Through training, one to one mentoring, general advice and consultancy services, we can help you to:

  • Understand the information you should collect to see that you meet your own ambitions and the demands of funders;
  • Understand the different approaches to impact measurement;
  • Develop practical tools and systems to measure the impact of your work, including developing bespoke user surveys, focus groups, observations, interviews;
  • Work with you to design tailor made evaluation strategies for your projects;
  • Evaluate projects on your behalf, to help you report to funders and other stakeholders.
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