Places of Worship Protective Security Fund

The government has relaunched the 2021 Places of Worship Protective Security Fund, with a deadline for applications of Friday 2 July. The maximum grant amount available to an individual organisation is £56,000.

There were some local places of worship who applied for funding last year but were sadly unsuccessful. Consequently, and to improve the chances of local places of worship being successful in this years’ round of applications, Liverpool City Council asked for feedback from the Home Office, in respect of the reasons for these applications being unsuccessful.

Below is the response that was received from the Home Office, in respect of that enquiry. In order to give your 2021 application the best possible chance of success, please ensure that it takes into account the issues highlighted.

“General feedback is that some applicants were able to demonstrate their vulnerability to hate crime more clearly by drawing on robust and credible sources. Stronger applications used multiple corroborative evidence sources, including photographs, hate crime statistics in the local area, crime reports, and anecdotal evidence from their worshippers. In some cases, applicants provided evidence of anti-social behaviour or other crimes, rather than hate crime. Whilst anti-social behaviour can be distressing, the scope of the scheme requires evidence of vulnerability to hate crime. Additionally, some applications focused on racially motivated hate crime. All forms of hate crime are unacceptable, but the scope of the scheme is for religiously motivated hate crime, and applicants providing evidence as to religiously motivated hate crime were more successful in their applications. Some applications were unfortunately unsuccessful as they were not a registered charity or have a relevant exemption.”

For further information and to apply for this fund, visit the government website.

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