500 Years of Medical Marvels – RCP500 Joint Lecture Series

Did you know that the Royal College of Physicians is 500 this year? They are celebrating in style, and everyone’s invited! There are various events going on across the country in honour of this historic milestone, and Liverpool, as the scene of many medical innovations and new home of RCP North, is playing host as well.

The historic and beautiful Liverpool Medical Institution will open its doors to the public for a series of four free lecture evenings, exploring aspects of local and national medical history.

Find out whether Rodney Street clinics and medical clubs really were the beating heart of the nineteenth century medical community, and listen to the smallpox immunisation legacy that Jenner left. Discover the amazing science that transformed the treatment of the killer condition, AIDS, and explore the politics of healthcare, from the time of Henry VIII to the present day.

The first event ‘From the Street to the Clinic via The Club: How Medical Communities Emerge and Survive’ will take place on Thursday 22 March 2018 at 6pm, with others in June, September and November. They will be held at the Liverpool Medical Institution, are free to attend and all are welcome.

Find out more and book online.

Discover more about the history of the Royal College of Physicians on their heritage website.

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