Accessing help and support over the festive period

Liverpool City Council (LCC) has put together a dedicated webpage detailing where, when and how people can continue to access support services throughout the festive period.

Over the festive period, organisations providing Covid welfare support may be operating reduced opening hours and it could be difficult for people to get the help and support they need. LCC is encouraging people to plan ahead and make sure that, as far as possible, they have what they need to cover this time.

They are also encouraging people to reach out to vulnerable family, friends and neighbours to offer support. If you know of someone vulnerable that could find the holiday period challenging, or could need a little extra support to stay healthy and well during this time, please do reach out.

To help ensure that people are able to find what they need, LCC has put together a list of places people can turn for guidance and support during the festive period. The list includes places to turn if you need help from volunteers, foodbanks, mental health support services and more.

Please share this webpage with anyone who could potentially need some extra support this Christmas.

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