Action Tutoring offers online help for Liverpool students

National education charity Action Tutoring has begun to offer online sessions to young people across Liverpool. This was always the plan for the charity, which supports pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach a meaningful level of academic attainment in their SATs and GCSEs, but the move has been brought forward in response to the pandemic.

In order to help pupils progress on to further education, employment or training, Action Tutoring uses volunteer tutors, who support pupils with their high school English or maths, through weekly one hour sessions at a local partner school.

The charity’s Liverpool activities have grown of late. Schools in the city centre, Toxteth, Kensington, Fazakerley and West Derby, to name just a few, have now partnered.

The Action Tutoring team worked extremely hard to find the right online classroom, convert their resources to online templates and ensure that the technology works well. So far the feedback relating to online sessions has been extremely positive and the team is excited to be able to offer both face-to-face and online tuition across the country this year.

To make this support possible, Action Tutoring relies on volunteer tutors, and with more Liverpool schools signed up than ever, they are on the look out for local volunteers. If you could offer just one hour a week to support a young person to achieve, or if you would like to know more about the services on offer, visit the Action Tutoring website.



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