Adult social care survey

The Equality and Human Rights Commission wants to hear from adults in England or Wales who are accessing or have tried to access social care, who have supported a loved one to try to access care or who have tried to access support in their roles as unpaid carers.

The short survey asks some questions about the impact of decisions made by local councils about people’s access to care or support and about experiences of challenging decisions. Specifically, they are looking at whether decisions about disabled and older people’s access to social care, as well as unpaid carers’ access to support, can be meaningfully challenged if they fall short. This includes decisions about whether someone is entitled to care or support and, if so, how much and what kind of care or support they can access.

Decisions about people’s access to social care or support – such as someone’s entitlement to it and what kind they can access – can seriously affect the dignity and inclusion of many disabled and older adults as well as unpaid carers. It is therefore vital that someone can easily challenge a decision if they feel it leaves them without the right support.

The inquiry will lead to a number of recommendations for local and national governments as well as other relevant organisations, and they hope their findings will help inform anticipated social care reforms.

You can complete the survey here.

Closing date for the survey – 15 September 2021.

They will also be hosting a webinar about how they are conducting the inquiry. You can register on their Eventbrite page.


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