Anti-Racism Training Consultation | Race Equality Learning and Development Project

Jane Eme-Power is a Human Resources consultant specialist with over 30 years of experience, working on change programmes, predominantly in the public and third sectors.

She has been commissioned by Liverpool City Region Combined Authority to undertake research on hearing the voices of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic businesses, community groups and residents on:

  • Your experiences of racism, discrimination and harassment as a user of services provided by the LA’s (Local Authorities) including your wider experiences of racism, and
  • Secondly to hear your views on what you would expect to see in the design of a RE training programme for staff.

Click here to see the information page which will provide you with further details of the research.

Please note: To take part, you (or your organisation) must be within the Liverpool City Region.

If you are interested in taking part in an interview or focus group, or have any questions or need any further information, please contact Jane.Eme-Power@outlook.com

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