APPG Questionnaire: The Effects of UK Immigration, Asylum and Refugee Policy on Poverty

A joint All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) inquiry has been launched into how UK immigration policies contribute to poverty in migrant communities.

Responses are being invited via a questionnaire, which will form part of a written call for evidence. It is estimated the questionnaire takes 15 minutes to complete.

The APPG inquiry team ask for respondents to draw on the evidence and detail from their professional experience and to consider the following policies in scope, making reference to them in your answers:

  • Asylum system (including asylum support, the ‘move-on’ period, appeal rights exhausted).
  • Resettlement schemes (e.g. ARAP, ACRS, UKRS).
  • Immigration and visas (immigration health surcharge, NRPF condition, family visas, work visa, student visas, 5 and 10 year route to settlement).
  • Hostile environment (NHS charging, irregular migration status, right to work, rent checks).

To learn more and to complete the questionnaire, please click here.

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