Arriva Road Transport Services is looking for organisations in Liverpool to work with

Arriva Road Transport Services is looking for small to medium enterprises and VCSE (voluntary, community & social enterprise) organisations to work with in the Liverpool area.

This is so they can assist your organisation with in-house expertise that they offer such as CV advice workshops, interview skills workshops, Carbon Zero Advice, Business support including Finance advice, Community Engagement, Legal, HSE, Operational efficiency, Tactical Transport Advice, Tactical resourcing and Customer experience.

It may be for instance that a community centre or recruitment company are looking to set up a CV workshop, for this to happen, Arriva Road Transport Services would attend and run the workshop for them at no extra charge. They will work with the organisation directly to arrange how it is best to deliver the services that they are offering.

There will be no cost involved for this as this will be met by Arriva Road Transport Services’ social value commitments.

Their social value commitments are part of a contract award and the values will be delivered over a 4 year period, so they will be doing this for some time.

For more information and to express your interest, please contact Richard Stabler, Community Engagement Manager on email at stablerr@arriva.co.uk or on mobile at 07773124713.

Arriva Road Transport Services is a specialist provider of road transport for things such as Railway Replacement, large and small events, and special events. They provide through their network of operators, vehicles which match their customer’s needs.

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