Autism Attention Card now available

It’s Autism Awareness Week and Merseyside Police is working with Cheshire Autism Practical Support (CHAPS), as well as a number of other partners, to promote the Autism Attention Card. The card has been designed to support people with an autism spectrum condition, including Asperger syndrome.

It can be used:

  • in emergency situations
  • when dealing with the police
  • when using public transport
  • in any situation that arises where someone with Autism is anxious and wishes to explain their behaviour to another person

The card can only be issued to people with a medical diagnosis of autism and can be used to make emergency services aware of an individual’s needs.

Applying for an Autism Attention Card

People with a medical diagnosis of autism can apply for a card via the CHAPS website.

When you apply for a card, you can choose to register your details with Merseyside Police if you wish; this is entirely voluntary.


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