BAME Hub-UK is looking for a space in Liverpool

BAME Hub-UK have received funding for their Youth Investment project, the project aims to empower and support young people from ethnic minority groups. To this end, they are looking to acquire a property to base themselves in within Liverpool.

If any organisation or body have a property or properties available with an option for a minimum of a 10 year lease, BAME Hub-UK would love to hear from you on alicem@bamehubuk.org.

BAME Hub-UK have faced difficulties and challenges in identifying a suitable premise and this is affecting their delivery timeline. In light of this, any assistance that anyone can offer in securing or identifying a property would be gratefully appreciated. They are committed to empowering young people from ethnic minority groups and preventing them being exposed to those issues associated with disempowerment. The delivery of this project will make a positive difference to young people.

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