Batala Mersey CIC – External Voluntary Director

This is a voluntary role.

The board of directors meet a minimum of four times per year.

Travel/parking expenses will be paid in line with the expenses policy.

This role is focused on helping to define and influence the concept of community both within the band membership and also developing extensive constructive connections with the wider Merseyside and Liverpool City Region (LCR) community.

Along with your fellow directors, you’ll share responsibility for overseeing Batala Mersey’s activities, and direction, making decisions reasonably and carefully and acting in line with their values.

1. This particular role has some specific requirements:

  • engages with community groups across Merseyside
  • understands the needs of diverse communities
  • develops working relationships with community groups and appropriate stakeholders
  • understands social inclusion both within the band and within community partners.

2. It will be your role to work with your fellow directors, and other Batala Mersey members people to make sure that:

  • Batala Mersey has a clear vision and strategy
  • They’ve got the plans they need in place to support what they’re trying to achieve
  • They’ve got the systems in place to monitor and review their achievements
  • They’re always looking for ways they can improve what they do.

3. Along with the other directors, you’ll need to share responsibility for the performance of Batala Mersey and how they use their assets by:

  • reviewing, understanding, and agreeing Batala Mersey’s annual budget and any major policies
  • making sure they have good ways to control their money and other assets
  • keeping an eye out for any major risks that might emerge, and making sure the right systems are in place to deal with them quickly and effectively or minimise them as much as possible
  • keeping an eye on how their activities are going, including through regular updates from the management team and making sure that there are clear ways that anyone can tell Batala Mersey about anything that goes against their ethos and their values.

4. They need you and their other directors to work together to make sure Batala Mersey complies with all their legal and regulatory requirements by:

  • keeping up-to-date and compliant with the ‘articles of association’ – a document that outlines how Batala Mersey should be run
  • deciding the levels of delegated authority and making sure they’re followed
  • complying with what the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies and Companies House needs them to do, as well as any relevant legislation.

4. With other directors, do your best to make sure:

  • how Batala Mersey is governed is clear including to other directors and members of the Batala Mersey team
  • the Board of Directors has the skills needed to make the best decisions and has access to the right expertise and advice from outside Batala Mersey.

For more information, please email directors@batalamersey.com.

Closing date: 30 September 2021.

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