BlackFest 2024 | Artist applications now open

BlackFest’s theme for this year is ‘Interconnection’ with much global unrest surrounding the global South, mass protests in the West and people all over the globe uniting in activism to combat capitalism and colonialism highlighting key geopolitical issues climate justice, AI, inflation, involuntary migration, societal polarisation, indiscriminate wars and more, which is interlinked with us and our environment.

We are part of a global community with responsibilities to land earth, climate action and our relationships with the whole than the singular and how we are all interrelated and everything intercorrelates with each other. Our communities have long stood in creating a society for all and we thrive to continue to strive in this way uncensored and unapologetic.

How to apply

You can apply via their simple application form below

They are also accepting proposals in video/audio format and BSL – please send a film/audio file no longer than 1 minute to festivalapplication@blackfest.co.uk.

If you require the information in BSL or accessible formats, please email opportunities@blackfest.co.uk.

All commissions are paid opportunities at the festival.

Application Deadline: Friday 31 May 2024.

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