Bradbury Fields is currently looking for volunteers

Bradbury Fields is a local charity that provides services for blind and visually impaired people in Liverpool. One of their key areas of focus is to host volunteers who support their service users throughout the community. They have around 50 active volunteers, many of whom are starting to return to volunteering after spending the last couple of years in isolation and are appreciating the many benefits of volunteering such as boosting your confidence or increasing your ability to mix with others, as well as giving you a great feeling of self-worth due to the valuable support you are assisting with.

Bradbury Fields would like to reach out to local people who are looking to volunteer in some way and they have several opportunities available. Whilst most of their volunteers are of an older age group, they are also keen to introduce a blend of younger volunteers of working-age alongside them and hopefully, be able to support them with skills that may enhance future employment opportunities. They are looking for volunteers to assist with their one to one support, social clubs and activities such as swimming, walking or gym visits and also to drive their minibuses to help people get out and about.

For more information, please contact Darren Holloran on 0151 221 0888 Ext 300 or dholloran@bradburyfields.org.uk.

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