Brink Events and Services in September

Following the success of Brink’s first Healthy Souls Festival in August, the organisation is careering into September with more additions to its programme, providing activities for people in their paths into recovery and wellbeing.

This month, you can see the results of a partnership with NHS MerseyCare, The Life Rooms. There will be a 16-week programme entitled The Recovery College to The Brink, and an extensive choice of week-to-week courses and sessions aimed at the many aspects of achieving wellness, empowerment, confidence.

Another partnership with Feel Great Formula Clinical Nutrition aims to provide some of the most important information you can get your hands on when it comes to healing through food choices and nutrition.

Speaking of this, The Brink is also announcing the latest manifestation of freshly prepared and homemade offerings, the new menu.

View the September 2017 programme here.

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