Call for Evidence | CSJ wants to hear from charities about the recent rise in mental health disorders

The CSJ (The Centre for Social Justice) is launching an inquiry into the drivers of the recent rise in mental health disorders.

They want to hear from charities, social enterprises and professionals from across the country, to find out what can be done to prevent the issue getting worse.

If you are interested in shaping their report, and sharing your thoughts, please answer their call for evidence.

Struggling with a mental health disorder is an obstacle too many people are facing today. 1 in 5 children and young people aged 8 to 25 have a probable mental disorder and CSJ analysis of the Understanding Society Survey found that 20 per cent of adults report having at least one diagnosed mental health condition.

At the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), they have recently embarked on a project delving into exactly what the data is telling them, what is driving the crisis and what they can do about it. In doing so, they aim to connect the experiences of people on the frontlines across the country with policy makers.

They are releasing a call for evidence to appeal to any professional working in and around mental health and wellbeing to inform their research. They want to canvass views across a range of stakeholders, including but not limited to health care professionals, academics, teachers, charity workers, statisticians, mental health advocates and campaigners, and those with lived experience.

To learn more and to answer their call for evidence, please click here.

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