Calling all local organisations | Share Your Views about the Impact of the recent revival of the civic university idea on the local Voluntary Sector

John McWilliams, Director of Civic and Alumni Engagement at the University of Bristol, and also part-time postgraduate research student in Education, is undertaking a research project on the impact of the recent revival (from around 2019) of the civic university idea (whereby universities have pledged to work more for local benefit) on the voluntary sector.

John wants to interview (confidentially and anonymously) Community Anchor Organisations as well as Local Infrastructure Organisations in larger cities across England to explore their links with universities and whether/how the renewed civic university movement is impacting the voluntary sector.

Interviews will be confidential and anonymous, so specific institutions and organisations will not be identifiable.

The project hopes to offer insights into the civic university movement as a whole from this external perspective, indicating what is and is not working. This evidence will inform how the civic movement can develop in future for maximum benefit and impact for both Higher Education institutions and the cities in which they are based – including the voluntary sectors in those cities.

If you’d like to be a research participant, please contact at john.mcwilliams@bristol.ac.uk.

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