Can you help Moulana Community CIC with their “Passionate Catering for Refugees” crowdfunding project?

Moulana Community CIC have started a crowdfunding project for which they are aiming to raise £4,990. The project is called Passionate Catering for Refugees and it will consist of running catering training classes for refugees & asylum seekers for three months at Granby Adult Learning Centre, Liverpool L8.

The project will help lonely and isolated people to attend workshops resulting in the knowledge of catering & improving their general mood. The participants will be learning new professional skills and meeting new people. As well as taking the delicious food they make home with them!

Moulana will organise the budget of the project which includes hiring a chef & assistance chef as well as food purchase for cooking and packaging for deliveries to participant’s families. There will be project coordinator & volunteers involved for the smooth running of the programme. The remaining fund will be used to hold an event to celebrate the achievement of these venerable members of society by presenting them with a certificate.

Moulana Community CIC would appreciate it if you could donate to the project, any contribution large or small will be hugely appreciated.

For full information into the project and to donate, please click here.

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