Can you help? Voluntary organisations are struggled to recruit staff

Voluntary organisations are struggling to recruit staff to work with youth and play. While there may be a shortage of qualified staff, Yvonne from Liverpool City Council wants to know how you’ve attracted and recruited youth and play staff so that she can pass on the feedback to organisations across Liverpool and help them recruit staff, for example:

  1. What is your rate of pay
  2. Do you offer other incentives – for example one project offers support regarding dental cover
  3. What is the holiday entitlement you offer
  4. Is it easier to recruit full time or part time staff
  5. Do you offer sick pay
  6. Have you specified for qualified staff or accepted experience
  7. Anything else you offer.

You can contact Yvonne Maddocks (Targeted Services for Young People) from Liverpool City Council to send your feedback. Yvonne will then pull information together and share across the field (anonymously) so we can support each other.

Please email the information to Yvonne at yvonne.maddocks@liverpool.gov.uk or if you prefer to discuss, please call 07515500606.

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