Carbon Monoxide Survey for Organisations

The All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group are holding a meeting on the 7 December 2023 to discuss CO (and Indoor Air Quality) awareness amongst organisations that provide front line services to vulnerable people.

The Gas Safe Charity will be represented at the meeting and they thought it would be useful to ask the front line staff and volunteers who have engaged with the Gas Safe Charity’s Think CO programme in the past, to see how well CO risk awareness has been integrated (or not and why?) into your organisation’s policies, practices and procedures.

If you have any views on how to raise CO awareness or why it might be difficult to do in some organisations, they would be interested in hearing from you. They will compile a short, anonymous report from the responses ready for the meeting on the 7th.

To complete the survey, please click here.

The survey will take approx. 5 minutes to complete.

Deadline: 4 December 2023.

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