Celebrating the Epstein – Share Your Memories

The Epstein Theatre, formally known as The Neptune/Cranes recently received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to launch a new project, called Celebrating the Epstein. Local people are invited to share their memories of the theatre throughout the ages.

At every point in its history this theatre has been an essential part of Liverpool’s creative scene and has left visitors from all over the world with countless happy and life enriching memories.

Come and share your stories and memories of the theatre in person from 2-6pm Monday – Thursday and 12-6pm Friday and Saturday.

By engaging with members of the local community and past employees of the theatre, the aim is to collect mementos and stories and present them as archives and workshops that will give a uniquely detailed and insightful look into the history of The Epstein Theatre.

So if you remember attending the Theatre during the early days, come along and share your memories.
If you can not make it in person and you have any interesting stories or memories of the theatre, the theatre would still love to hear from you. Email memories@epsteinliverpool.co.uk or phone 0151 709 4044.

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