Cervical Screening Questionnaire | Why are less women attending their cervical screening appointments?

Can you take a few minutes to help the NHS understand why the number of women attending their cervical screening appointments are decreasing and cervical cancer is increasing in this area?

The NHS want to understand what needs to be done so more women attend cervical screenings.

They need your help to get this right!

Why do you think more people are not attending?

Do you have any ideas on what would make it easier to attend?

Please complete a short questionnaire by clicking here.

It will take about 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Deadline: Sunday 20 August 2023.

Please feel free to share the above information with friends and family members across the North West (as many of the people you know as possible).

Scan the QR code to complete the questionnaire.

If you require this information in another language or another format or would like support completing this survey, please email mlcsu.involvement@nhs.net.

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