Comics Youth survey for social workers

Comics Youth CIC is working on a comic based on the experiences of a young person (K) who grew up in an abusive household. The team hopes that by getting K’s story out there, they can make people more aware of the abuse that can sometimes happen in plain sight. The project is also a way to offer solidarity with those who have lived through similar experiences, and to provide resources.

When reading the story by K, it is hard not to feel that he must have fallen through the cracks of safeguarding; the system wasn’t enough to help him. Comics Youth wishes to address some questions that K has raised. In order to do so, the organisation would like to gain the insight from social workers.

Comics Youth said in a statement, “We know that social workers are both underpaid and overworked. This isn’t an attack on social workers; we value the service you provide and understand how hard it is, we would just like to highlight the issues in the system, to help fix them.”

If you are a social worker and would like to help with this project, please complete this anonymous survey.

The answers given may be included in the published book but nobody will be identified.

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