Community Impact Fund Guidance Notes

Our Community Impact Fund helps voluntary sector organisations and registered charities do even more to build stronger communities across Liverpool and Merseyside.
How does it work?

Eligible organisations can apply for grants of up to £3,000 for projects that meet one or more of our four main priority areas:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Income stability
  • Arts and Culture

Applications will be assessed on the impact that the project will have on the lives of those who benefit. We’re looking for projects that help make a change for those most in need.

What you can apply for

Health and Well Being

Projects that support healthy communities and encourage participation and the mental well-being of individuals of all ages.


Projects that promote learning across the age groups, help people develop new skills and achieve their full potential.

Income Stability

As part of a commitment to reducing inequality and supporting financial stability and independence, successful applications will be those detailing initiatives specifically designed to tackle and reduce poverty.

Arts and Culture

We believe that Arts and Culture play an important role in terms of the social benefits for health, education and community cohesion and will be looking for projects that use arts and cultural activities that bring communities and generations together.

Important information

We only fund activities that can evidence the outcomes for those most in need in Liverpool and across Merseyside.

Based upon the high level of applications in previous years, we can only fund projects that align with our priority areas. Unfortunately, it’s for this reason that some good projects won’t be considered.

Please note; play schemes are not eligible as they are funded through our Positive About Play Programme.

Who can apply?

Organisations must be registered charities, or have charitable aims as part of their governing document, and must be able to register with the Charity Commission if their income exceeds £5,000.

In addition organisations must have:

  • At least two cheque signatories
  • An adopted Constitution or set of rules and have a bank account in the name of the organisation or group
  • Child Protection Policy/Vulnerable Adults Policy where applicable and evidence that staff and volunteers are DBS checked

Community Interest Companies

A Community Interest Company is a specific legal model registered with both Companies House and the CIC Regulator. Community Interest Companies can apply for funding, as long as they satisfy the following criteria:

  • The CIC must have at least 3 directors and be able to demonstrate how they have engaged with local people to identify the need
  • The application is to fund charitable activity (charitable activity means activity that supports a charitable purpose, as defined by the Charity Commission, and that meets the public benefit requirement as detailed in the Charities Act 2011)

Additional guidance

Where organisations are looking to run a series of workshops or classes over a short term period, they must be able to demonstrate how people will benefit in the longer term.

It is important that organisations are able to tell us how they have identified the need for the project. Generic local statistics are valuable but it is more important to be able to demonstrate that local people have been consulted.

Example: If you are running activities for young people to gain accreditation, it is important to demonstrate how you have identified young people you are targeting rather than simply referencing local unemployment statistics or local, regional or national reports. If you tell us that you have sent out questionnaires or conducted local surveys, we will need to see copies of the results of these.

We envisage that most grants will be for one-off projects that have direct public benefit. Where an LCVS grants is part of a larger project, organisations must be able to evidence that they have other funding in place.

Organisations must be able to demonstrate how those most in need will benefit from any grant made by LCVS. General appeals will not be funded.

Funding of core costs (running costs)

In certain cases, LCVS will make grants to support the running costs of an organisation for a short period, subject to the following criteria:

  • Organisations must have secured funding from other funders or via generated income towards their annual costs
  • Organisations must have a planned programme of activities with identified positive outcomes for beneficiaries
  • Organisations must have successfully returned monitoring from previous LCVS grants awarded or have a proven track record of delivery within the community over a number of years
  • Funding for core costs would only be available for a maximum of one year and would not be repeated year on year

If you need to apply for core costs, it is essential that you call us first on 0151 227 5177 to discuss your application.

How much can I apply for?

The maximum amount an organisation can apply for is £3,000.

Emergency Grants

In certain cases LCVS will make emergency grants. These are only made in exceptional circumstances to eligible organisations where the organisation has an unexpected cost that, if not funded, could put the entire organisation in jeopardy. It is envisaged that these will be, in the main, capital costs for emergency repairs to buildings, etc.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Any organisation in receipt of funding must agree to provide detailed monitoring and evaluation. This monitoring must show how many people have benefited from the funding and what outcomes were achieved. This is important if we are to be able to measure the community impact of the limited funds we have. It is also helpful for us as we can use this information to support our work in growing philanthropy and giving in Liverpool. Groups must also agree to use our logos on any publicity and marketing materials connected with their funded project.


This funding is not for:

  • Start-up costs for new organisations
  • Play schemes (see note above)
  • Medical research
  • Vehicles
  • Schools or activity taking place in school time
  • Sports kits or general fees (league fees etc.)
  • Individuals
  • The advancement of religion
  • Animal welfare
  • Other grant making bodies
  • NHS Trusts
  • Parent Teacher Associations
  • Replacement funding (e.g. statutory funding coming to an end)
  • Loans or business finance
  • Universities
  • Sponsorship/marketing appeals/fundraising costs
  • Overseas projects/travel
  • Safety equipment for individual households
  • National charities
  • CCTV installation


The closing date for applications to this round of funding is 5pm Friday 6th March 2020.

Please follow this link to apply online to the Community Impact Fund.

Late or incomplete applications cannot be accepted. Please read the form and guidance notes carefully before completing your application.

We encourage all applicants to submit their applications online. However, if for some reason you are unable to do this, you can send your application form as a WORD document via email to

Other formats (PDF etc) will not be accepted and LCVS cannot accept any responsibility for processing applications not in the correct format.

If we can be of any help, or you would like to talk to us about your project, then please call us on 0151 227 5177.

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