Community Response to Covid-19

Voluntary, community and faith groups, along with the rest of society, are facing a very difficult period. The restrictions on travel announced yesterday only serve to highlight the seriousness of the situation.

At LCVS we are working closely with Liverpool City Council (LCC) on the community response and clearly people are trying their best to help those who need it most. Our aim is to try and make sure that no part of the city and no individual is left behind. To do that, we need your help.

We know that many of you are already doing great work in difficult circumstances. We also know that groups are struggling to know how best to respond to the crisis.

There are are few things that you may be able to do, if you are not doing them already:

  1. If you have capacity or resources that could help others, register with the LCC portal, via the section titled Volunteer to Help, so that we have a clearer picture of where help is available and in what form. Follow this link to visit the Volunteer to Help page.
  2. If you can, contact all the people who use your service as regularly as possible, to make sure that they have the support they need. If you pick up an issue, you can let us know and we can feed that back into the wider system; there may be additional support we can tap into.Any individuals who need help can register with the LCC portal via the section titled Request Support. You may be able to help them to do that. Follow this link to visit the Request Support page.

    Email us via covidresponse@lcvs.org.uk with any community issues. While we can’t guarantee that we will have the capacity to respond directly, be assured that the information will be used to help coordinate the citywide response.

    As ever, if you need to speak to one of the team, send us an email.

  3. If you are managing to help support people, let us know how you are doing this. It may be something that could be replicated in other parts of the city.

One thing we should mention is that some areas of the city (some of which are perhaps thought of as being more affluent) have less in the way of voluntary sector resources than others. We are looking at how people in these areas, who may be feeling isolated and vulnerable, can be supported. That’s one reason why it’s important to know what is happening across the city.

Thank you for everything you are doing to support those most in need.

Stay in touch, stay well and we will see you soon,

Colin Heaney, co-CEO, LCVS

NEW: Click here to visit the LCVS guide to Covid-19 funding and support

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