Connected Communities Innovation Fund

The Connected Communities Innovation Fund will support the best innovations that mobilise many more people throughout the lifecourse, to support people and places to thrive, alongside public services.

We all need a purpose, to have a sense of well–being and to be connected to others. There is good evidence that the strength of our social relations is an important determinant of individual health and wellbeing, and communities ties build trust in others and social cooperation between people and our institutions. Whether we call it formal or informal volunteering, giving, social action or simply ‘people helping people’, spending some of your time in the service of others is a deeply ingrained part of our culture.

The Connected Communities Innovation Fund is a partnership between Nesta and the Office for Civil Society at DCMS, providing up to £4 million in grants, alongside significant non-financial support, to the best innovations that mobilise the time and talents of people across the lifecourse, to create outcomes in any of the following themes:

  • Community connections and thriving places
  • Community resilience in emergencies
  • Digital Innovation
  • Improving our environment

Nesta will work with applicants to develop their proposals, including considering how they might reach volunteers who are aged 50+, want to give less intensively, or want to connect online.

There are two sizes of funding awards available, depending on the maturity of the idea. Both awards are available for innovations in all four priority areas.

  • Early stage ideas, for grants of £50-75k and significant non-financial support
  • Growing great ideasfor grants of £100-250k and significant non-financial support

Deadline for expressions of interest: Monday 30 October 2017, 12noon

Read more and apply.

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