Contract Opportunity: Access to Employment for Young People

Call to run a project to provide support to and increase the employability of specific groups of young people in the Liverpool City Region LEP area allowing them to achieve equality of opportunity.

The employment rate of working age residents in the Liverpool City Region remains lower than the national average, with younger residents facing specific challenges in finding employment. Some young people are significantly less likely to be in (or able to compete for) sustainable employment than others.

Project proposals must deliver additional, innovative and more intensive provision that meets the needs of the specific groups of young people listed in the call (e.g. those with disabilities, experience of the care system etc.) and local labour markets. Proposals should demonstrate a personalised and staged approach to prepare participants for sustainable employment, through development of their employability skills.

Examples of types of provision include activities such as – job focused training, provision of training to achieve English, Maths & IT qualifications at level 2, supported internships and progression into supported and open employment via wrap around support.

Full application deadline: Sunday 23 April 2017

Project start date: July 2017

Completion date: No later than 31 August 2018

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