Coronavirus Resilience Questionnaire for Voluntary Organisations and Groups

Dear Organisation or Group

Liverpool City Council and LCVS both recognise the amazing work you are doing during this very difficult and testing time and we are committed to supporting you not only to carry on now, where possible, but also to continue when this dreadful virus is under control.

In order to offer the best support possible it would help if we had a clear picture of what you are doing, the pressures you are facing as a result and what you think would help.

Remember this isn’t just about this moment in time, we are also looking at how we can future proof the voluntary sector so that afterwards the sector is as resilient as possible.

We have developed a short questionnaire for you to complete which can be found here:

Coronavirus Resilience Questionnaire for Voluntary Organisations and Groups

If you would prefer to complete the survey over the phone or if you want to discuss the situation in more detail please email the City Conversation Team at cityconversation@liverpool.gov.uk and someone will call you back.

We are also calling as many groups as we can so you may also receive a call from one of the City Conversation Team.

Demand for help is increasing and groups are being placed under pressure to work differently to support those who need them in the community. If your organisation needs ongoing support around governance, funding, managing change, partnership development etc. then you can still contact the Capacity Building Team at LCVS via info@lcvs.org.uk or via www.lcvs.org.uk.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

We’d appreciate a quick response if possible.

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