Could you be a future civic leader?

Operation Black Vote, in partnership with Liverpool City Council, has launched a unique civic leadership programme, with the aim of finding an nurturing Liverpool’s future leaders.

The programme is designed to encourage people from black and minority ethnicity communities to get more involved in civic and political leadership.

If you take part in the programme you will have the opportunity to observe many areas of public life. Experience gained will cover roles such as:

  • School governor
  • Magistrate
  • Councillor
  • Safer neighbourhood panel
  • Board of Liverpool Health Services
  • NHS Trust
  • Charity or NGO board trustee

If you are over 18, from a black or minority ethnic background, and are interested in the opportunity to become a future civic leader of Liverpool, please contact:

Telephone:0208 983 5430
Email: obvschemes@gmail.com
Web: Operation Black Vote

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