COVID-19 Spring Booster

Covid is still around and making thousands of people ill every week in England. Protection against Covid (either from catching the virus or from a previous vaccination) fades over time.

So, this spring, the NHS is offering a further vaccination to those at highest risk of severe illness from Covid.

Those who can get a spring vaccination include people aged 75 and over (by 30 June 2023), people aged 5 and over with a weakened immune system, and residents of care homes for older adults. Vaccination in care homes has already started.

If you are 75 or above or if you have a weakened immune system, click here to book your vaccination now.

You can also book on the NHS App or call 119 for free. You can also click here to visit this webpage, to check if there is a convenient walk-in vaccination site.

Missed out on your 1st or 2nd Covid vaccine?

It is not too late – you can still book a vaccine to protect yourself up until 30 June 2023.

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