Culturepool.org, arts and culture for young people in Liverpool

Culturepool logoLCVS is part of the Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP). The partnership was set up to increase opportunities for children and young people across our region to take part in quality art and cultural experiences.

As part of that mission, LCEP has developed culturepool.org where you can search for cultural education resources, activities and experiences for children and young people. You can also visit that website to find out more about the work of the LCEP.

Teachers and educational professionals, visit culturepool.org to find out about opportunities such as:

  • Chinese Cultural Activities to celebrate the new year
  • An Introduction to Beatboxing
  • MDI Schools Dance Platform

Cultural partners, visit the site to upload your arts and culture activities for young people and benefit from this fantastic promotional opportunity.

Click here to visit Culturepool.

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