Dementia Action Liverpool – Meeting Centres Project Manager

Term: Short term consultancy contract April – December 2020
Hours: Variable
Salary:£15,500 contract
Location: Liverpool

Dementia Action Liverpool is a not-for-profit company formed in 2017 to manage the business of the Liverpool Dementia Action Alliance; our aims are identical.

Meeting Centres are local resources operating out of ordinary community buildings, offering on-going warm and friendly expert support to people and families affected by dementia. Its activities are determined by the people who use the Centre with the overall aim of helping them adapt to the diagnosis. Personal care is not provided and registration with the Care Quality Commission is therefore not required. People with dementia and their carers are encouraged to attend together

There is strong interest in developing Meeting Centres in Liverpool and a multi-agency planning group has been formed.

Dementia Action Liverpool wants to recruit a project manager on behalf of the planning group to do the detailed work of researching location, funding, staffing and governance arrangements for the proposed Meeting Centres. This could be an individual or a team of people.

The project manager will undertake the following tasks under the guidance of the planning group:

  • Research the most appropriate option for a legal body to run the Centre(s), including employing staff and operating premises
  • Work with local groups and organisations including Service Users Reference Forum, tide (together in dementia every day) and other people with dementia and carers to define what the Meeting Centre(s) will offer
  • Work with the Diversity group of the Liverpool Dementia Action Alliance to ensure that the Meeting Centre offer is inclusive of cultural and language needs
  • Identify potential locations for the first Centre
  • Engage with local businesses, community groups, health and care services, housing providers and other relevant stakeholders to raise awareness about the potential Centre(s) and what they will offer
  • Organise community meetings to secure local support for the Centre(s)
  • Identify potential sources of funding to run the centre(s)
  • Lead work groups tasked with moving separate elements of the project forward to ensure they work effectively and cohesively
  • Produce regular briefings for stakeholders, the wider public and local media about the progress of the project, using social media where this is appropriate
  • Draft job roles and skills required for staff and volunteers, using frameworks provided by the national Meeting Centres Support Programme
  • Recommend a staffing structure, including the role of volunteers

The project manager will be expected to attend planning group meetings, currently held monthly, and to provide regular progress reports.

Applicants must have a proven track record of working directly with people with dementia, carers, local communities and the general public.

For the full specification, further information and details of how to apply contact Ruth Eley, chair of Liverpool Dementia Action Alliance and Director of Dementia Action Liverpool, at lpoolmcproject@btinternet.com or on 07786 979997

Closing date: 12 noon on 17 February

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