Do you have a task GoodGym Liverpool’s volunteers can help you with?

GoodGym Liverpool is a community of volunteers who likes to combine getting fit and helping out in community groups/charities/social enterprises etc. They are the people power when you need something doing, whether it’s clearing up a space, shifting furniture, painting a room/fence/railings, sorting through charity donations, leafletting for a fabulous project, gardening, litter picking and whatever else you can think of, all tasks considered, indoors and out!

They are particularly looking for tasks for their Monday evening session within a 5k maximum radius of Hope Street (though they do have some limited capacity for other times and areas in Liverpool).

How It Works

Their team of volunteers meet on Hope Street for a warm-up and then run to the location of the task together. They usually arrive around 7 pm and get stuck straight into the task. They work hard and get a lot done in a short space of time, usually 30-45 minutes, and then they all run back to Hope Street. (They also have a walk option for those not wanting to run!)

They don’t come with any tools so all resources need to be provided by you, but they do come with energy, a willingness to roll their sleeves up and graft, and good cheer!

Have a look at their website to see what they’ve been up to around the city.

They also have some availability for their longer sessions (2 hours) which can happen on other evenings or weekends across Liverpool, so these are suitable if the task is beyond a 5k radius of Hope Street. They tend to have limited availability for these and they prioritise their core offer of the Monday evening sessions but do get in touch either way and they’ll do what they can to help out.

For more information, please contact their Liverpool Area Co-ordinator Ema Quinn: ema@goodgym.org.

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