Do You Need Volunteers?

Does your organisation have volunteering opportunities for groups of young people to get involved?

Can Do Merseyside is part of the registered charity Leonard Cheshire Disability. It is a community-based volunteering programme that supports young disabled people aged 16-35 in their local community to develop their skills, provide new experiences and promote their independence by participating in a variety of projects and by playing an active role in their community.

The project is looking for organisations in Liverpool and Greater Merseyside that young people from Can Do can get involved with either as a one off activity or a short term project.  This could be any type of volunteering as long as it is worthwhile, interesting and also enjoyable.

The young people will be volunteering as a group and will come with any necessary support, all they need is some interesting projects to get involved in so that they can support their local community and help make a difference.

If you think you could benefit from having a group of eager and enthusiastic volunteers, get in touch with Fiona Villanova, Programme Coordinator of Can Do Merseyside, on 0775 343 0207 or email Fiona.Villanova@leonardcheshire.org.

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