Better Understanding – Better Outcomes

Event Date: 02 November 2016

Wednesday 2 November 2016 8.45am – 1.30pm – Devonshire House, 293-297 Edge Lane, Liverpool, L7 9LD.

Partner agencies working together identifying and supporting families not only ensures appropriate help is available at the right time and at the right level, but also encourages families to help themselves.

This partnership event has been organised so that we can strengthen our understanding and ways of working to create a strong vision and ambition that all professionals working with children and families can identify with and adopt.

The event aims to promote recognition that whilst we work for separate organisations, we all work towards a collective aim of reducing vulnerabilities and promoting strong and resilient families in our communities.

The event will promote greater understanding and use of the Levels of Need Framework when assessing risks/needs, when making decisions and reducing pressures on statutory interventions which are more costly and can be stigmatising – recognising that the child and family are at the centre of what we do.

The Objectives of the Session are to:

  • Strengthen understanding and the importance of responding to need at an appropriate level  (Responding to Needs Guidance and Levels of Need Framework)
  • Create a common understanding of shared priorities across agencies
  • Support children and families to reduce the need for statutory social work interventions wherever possible
  • Strengthen partnerships and multi-agency working so that Early Help can reduce vulnerabilities for children and families and help to build resilient communities
  • Encourage services to provide interventions where they have the skill and expertise to do so,  in an integrated way

If you would like to attend, contact Karen Reason 0151 233 0500 or email by Friday 21 October 2016.

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