Big Up! at the Unity Theatre

Event Date: 08 January 2019

From Friday 8th-Saturday 16th February the Unity welcomes our show Big Up!, a funny and lively show full of beatboxing, puppetry and music!

If you have children, you’ll know they’re always hungry for new experiences, welcoming fun ideas that entertain, stimulate the imagination and inspire new games to play with friends and family.

Well, here’s the perfect production for you all to discover together: one that mixes puppetry, beatboxing, song and beautiful visuals in a wonderfully surprising and fun stage show that’s been specially created for this age group.

No matter whether you are Big or Small, the world is full of rules. Sometimes we make our own rules, sometimes we don’t know the rules and sometimes we want to play by different rules.

What happens when a Beatboxer, a Singer and a Puppeteer arrive on stage but nothing is ready for them?  No set, no instruments, no puppets. No rules.

Come and watch as they create a world full of joy and chaos, where objects come to life and everything is possible.

Using an inspired mix of puppetry and live music, Theatre-Rites and 20 Stories High create a funny and magical shared experience for the whole family.

Big Up! has been created by award-winning theatre companies, Theatre-Rites and 20 Stories High.

You can visit Theatre-Rite’s website at follow this link to their YouTube pagewhere you can find short clips of some of their recent shows.

You can visit 20 Stories High’s website at following this link to their YouTube pagewhere you can find short clips of some of their recent work.

“The show’s originality and freshness sings out” 

The Guardian on The Broke ‘N’ Beat Collective

Big Up! plays at the Unity Theatre from the 8th-16th February for just 9 performances only, so don’t hesitate: book now on 0151 709 4988 or box office

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