Challenges in Protecting Children from Sexual Grooming, Abuse and Exploitation

Event Date: 17 January 2018

Wednesday 17 January 2017, 9am-4pm – the University of Liverpool.

Frontline child protection officials are under increasing pressure to protect children from this developing and complex phenomenon. Many recent reviews have suggested that those responsible for protecting children from child sexual grooming, abuse and exploitation (CSE) should adopt a more child-focused approach, but have failed to define what this term means or how this can be adopted in practice.

It is argued that achieving a child-focused child protection system can only be achieved by considering the views, voices and concerns of young people who have experienced and survived CSE. As such, this workshop aims to provide a platform for practitioners to consider the concerns raised by victims of CSE and respond with the challenges or concerns they face within their role, with a view to develop a better understanding of how to achieve a more effective, child-centred protection approach to CSE.

This event is open to all forms of social front-line child protection practitioners. There is a limited amount of funding available to aid with the travel costs. A lunch and refreshments will be provided.

For more information, contact Dr Jamie-Lee Mooney School of Law and Social Justice University of Liverpool at

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