Children’s Mental Health Week, 1-5 February 2021

Event Date: 01 February 2021

In celebration of Children’s Mental Health Week, between 1-5 February the Liverpool Whole School Approach CAMHS Partnership and The Liverpool Learning Partnership will be hosting a series of live-streamed events.

These free events are aimed at children, families and school staff, and will include:

  • Author-led sessions from Karl Nova, Dom Conlon and Marie Basting delivered as part of the Liverpool Learning Partnership Reading Festival
  • A session for parents/carers looking at how to support their own wellbeing whilst supporting their child
  • A wellbeing session for school-staff with a focus on creativity and expression
  • Daily Xpress sessions delivered by Merseyside Youth Association’s RAISE Mental Health Promotion Team. Each session will feature a wellbeing theme, a creative activity and a daily challenge

Xpress session themes:

  • Mixed Mondays – looking at the different feelings and emotions that we experience
  • Talk Tuesdays – thinking about words to express feelings and build resilience
  • What number Wednesday? Looking at expressing how we feel on a scale of 1-10
  • Tame it Thursday – thinking about how feels make us behave and how we can tame big feelings
  • Feel good Friday – thinking about the things that make us feel good

View the full weekly schedule.

You can also download a range of resources, including lesson/assembly plans and creative sessions to use throughout the week from the Place2Be website.

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