Domestic abuse awareness sessions for Polish women

Event Date: 14 October 2019

Vesta Specialist Family Support CIC, in cooperation with Wirral Change, will be running a Gateway domestic abuse awareness and recovery programme for Polish women who experience(d) domestic violence.

The course starts on the 14th of October 2019 and will be delivered in 2 hour sessions for 7 weeks at Wirral Change. A creche is offered for participants’ children.

The delivery of the course will be led by an accredited Gateway facilitator, who is an experienced Polish-speaking domestic abuse practitioner. The co-facilitator is a Polish speaking health & wellbeing worker who has been supporting the Polish community in the Wirral for the past few years.

Gateway is an accredited programme successfully delivered in Cheshire. It is built on the principle of respect and empowerment while raising awareness of the impact and dynamics of controlling relationships. It aims to raise awareness and assist recovery from the effects of abuse and encourage safer and informed choices for the future.

Course Objectives:

· Create a safe space for mutual support
· Promote an active understanding of the dynamics of controlling relationships.
· Increase understanding of where the responsibility for abusive behaviour lies
· Reduce isolation, self-blame, denial and minimisation
· Consider attitudes and beliefs that support abusive behaviour
· Improve safety planning strategies
· Increase understanding of the impact of domestic abuse on parenting skills and children’s lives
· Consider potential early warning signs in new relationships
· Identify support mechanisms through the formal and informal provision

If you would like to refer a Polish client to the course, please email for a referral form.

The project is funded by The John Moores Foundation.

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